Business Plan

2021 – 2024 Initiatives - Starting in 2021

Re-engagement of Signatories

While there has been engagement by a significant number of Charter Signatories, the Steering Committee was unanimous that it can be improved, especially as 2020 was the start of the global pandemic and the 5th anniversary of the Nova Scotia Health and Safety Leadership Charter.

To achieve this goal:

  • Each Steering Committee Member has committed to contact personally at least 5 current Signatories to encourage them to commit to attending at least the Fall Conference and hopefully one or more of the Lunch & Learns; and
  • Presentations will be arranged for groups where there is noticeable non-engagement

New Signatories

To expand both the number and the geographic dispersion of Signatories, current Steering Committee Members have committed to:

Breakfast Events – two breakfast events in late 2021 and early 2022 with the following as parameters:

  • be held outside Metro;
  • be hosted by a Charter Signatory; and
  • the subject matter developed by the hosting Signatory.

Lunch & Learns – These will be continued for 2021

Fall Conference – This will be held on October 20th,2021 at Pier 21 in Halifax. The Steering Committee looks for strong participation by Signatories. The specific Agenda and Speakers will be developed over the upcoming months.

Survey – There will be a short survey during following the October 2021 Fall Conference to gain feedback from Signatories on the direction of the Steering Committee and interests of Signatories.

LinkedIn – Efforts will be made to establish a number of Discussion Groups with the goal being to have regular communication between a number of interested Signatories on topics of particular interest to them.