The Charter


This Charter represents a commitment from leaders in Nova Scotia to the continuous growth of a positive workplace safety culture. It is founded on the principle that the effective management of health, safety, and wellness is essential to the operation of a successful business and the long-term success of our province. By supporting this Charter, leaders commit to share best practices and together improve the health and safety performance in Nova Scotia with the belief that a safer province is a more productive and prosperous province.


Engage senior leaders in Nova Scotia in advancing Nova Scotia as the safest place to work and live in Canada.


By signing this charter, I commit to:

  1. The principle that nothing is more important than the health, safety and well-being of employees, contractors, visitors and the community.
  2. Integrate health and safety into business strategies and processes, and to recognize that good health and safety performance supports good business
  3. Strive for continuous health and safety improvement and to provide the leadership and internal capacity to make this happen.
  4. Create and enhance a culture that enables all employees to participate and work collaboratively in developing, promoting, and improving health and safety at work and at home.
  5. Participate within a health and safety leadership learning community in Nova Scotia, by sharing information and best practices, with the goal of continuously improving health and safety strategies, programming and performance.

I support and will take action towards achieving the Intent and Principles of the Nova Scotia Health and Safety Leadership Charter.

How We Will Accomplish Our Goals!

  • Leverage the community and industry contacts of Charter signatories in order to bring on board more CEOs and senior executives to sign the Charter and experience the benefits of associating with organizations committed to the Charter.
  • Utilize the support, resources and skills of our partners to provide the materials required for the initiative.
  • Engage individual CEOs and senior executives one-on-one and through networking opportunities add value to their companies and organizations.
  • Develop a website to promote the initiative and provide easy access to all available resources, for use by Charter signatories.
  • Use appropriate mainstream, business and social media relationships to increase industry and public awareness of the initiative.