Safety Culture Summit Reminder to Register

by admin September 20th, 2017

A further reminder to register for this Fall Conference.  To date about a third of the Charter Signatories have registered and a “gentle” reminder that it is the commitment of all Charter Signatories to register for the Fall Conference.  The registration link is https://reg.agendamanagers.ca/Registrant/Register/3042486.

This is a world class event scheduled for October 11 and 12, 2017 with separate breakout sessions specifically for the Nova Scotia Health and Safety Leadership Charter:

October 11 – Senior Leaders; and
October 12 – Health and Safety Leaders

As earlier advised there will be a pre-conference reception on October 10 with the featured speaker being Captain Phillips – what a great opportunity to hear an interesting one hour presentation and network with other senior leaders and conference attendees. If you have any questions please contact any member of the Steering Committee:

October 11 – Senior Leaders; and
October 12 – Health and Safety Leaders

Ian Anderson – President, CKF Inc. – Ianderson@ckfinc.com
Don Bureaux – President, Nova Scotia Community College  –don.bureaux@nscc.ca
Joel Carroll – CEO, Falck Safety Services – jc@ca.falcksafety.com
Karen Hutt – President & CEO, Nova Scotia Power Inc. – Karen.hutt@nspower.ca
Janet Knox – President & CEO, Nova Scotia Health Authority – janet.knox@nshealth.ca
Ken MacLean – General Counsel, Municipal Group of Companies – kmaclean@municipalgroup.ca
Cecelia MacLellan – Director, Staples Contact Center Operations – cecelia.maclellan@staples.com
Peter McLellan – pmclellan@stewartmckelvey.com

Your Steering Committee thanks you for making the commitment to continue with the important work of the Nova Scotia Health and Safety Leadership charter and to register and attend all or part of this Fall Conference.

The Steering Committee

News articles are written by the adminstrators of the NS Health and Safety Charter.