Celebration 100 Signatories

by admin September 30th, 2017
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There are now over 100 Nova Scotia businesses that have signed the Nova Scotia Health and Safety Leadership Charter – committing senior leaders and organizations to make Nova Scotia the healthiest and safest place to work in Canada!

In October, 2016, this initiative was started with 30 Signatories and with your commitment and efforts – our growth has been phenomenal.

Thank you!  We look forward to working with you all for our continued success!

Your 2018, Steering Committee:

Ian Anderson – IAnderson@ckfinc.com
Don Bureaux – don.bureaux@nscc.ca
Susan Hayes – susan.hayes@winelms.ca
Karen Hutt – karen.hutt@nspower.ca
Ken MacLean – kmaclean@municipalgroup.ca
Stephen Sayle – stephen@saylegroup.com
Carl Yates – carl.yates@halifaxwater.ca
John Young – jayoung@pcl.com

News articles are written by the adminstrators of the NS Health and Safety Charter.